Singapore Drones Kaki

Singapore Drones Kaki
Dji Phantoms has been started to cover whole Singapore
Non-Profit Hobby Group

Singapore Drones Kaki was established on Januray 7th, 2015. We only had 72 kakis(member) on the end of January. Now, we have 327 kakis. It's the newest and biggest drone group in Singapore. We have weekly flymeets to train,communicate, and fly with other kakis. Most of kakis prefer to use DJI Phantom which has easy control, GPS, and good quality of camera. Phantom 2 Vision Plus is one of aircraft which our kakis perfer. Me, the founder of "Singapore Drones Kaki", established this group because I always wonder why there's no dronies' community in Singapore. That's the reason why I made this awesome group. We also work for That Drone Show, International Drone Day Team Singapore. We held International Drone Day at Singapore Flyer, Singapore. This video is fully recorded by Phantom 2+Gopro , Inspire 1 and Phantom 2 Vision Plus. Thanks for watching :)

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