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In Just 5 Minutes

Screenwriting Competition

Screenplays have the power to inspire.
And we believe that great stories are everywhere, waiting to be told.

A screenplay isn’t just a tale, it’s a powerful story that gives audiences insight into a world they’ve never seen before or realize is around them.
Screenplays have the power to inspire, and we believe that great stories are everywhere, waiting to be told.

To celebrate DJI’s launch of the game-changing Ronin-M, a handheld camera gimbal system that gives filmmakers of all levels
unprecedented flexibility and freedom, DJI is hosting its very first international screenwriting competition.

Submit a 5-minute screenplay, centered around the theme of Innovation, which tells a compelling story. Tell us a tale that matters to you,
a story that will spark the imagination of audiences around the world or a brilliant documentary that will touch the hearts of those who watch it.

In addition to winning great prizes, we'll produce the best shorts and screen them as an event in Los Angeles.

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Congratulations to the following screenplays chosen:

Captain Galaxy – Jeff Chanley

One Night Out – Elvin Misimovic

Billy – Mathew McGregor

Paper – Yuexiu MO

WINGZ – Allison Tate

We will be reaching out to you shortly.

Thank you for your submission. The contest is now closed. We will announce the winners later.